Fun Ways To Stay Fit!!

Who said that you have to sign up for a gym membership to start getting fit? I guess we’ve got the idea that if we belong to a gym then we’ll have motivation to join get fit. While that might be true, I’m going to list a few ways that you can stay fit without going to the gym.
1Zumba Time!
Ok, I heard of Zumba and you can’t tell me that you don’t enjoy dancing and working out at the same time. You’re able to move your body and dance while also having fun with your peers! I would try looking up instructors on the Zumba website and invite a friend or two to come along with you. Fun fact: Did you know that aerobic dancing burns about 443 calories per hour? All those calories and you feel like you’re just having fun!
2. Take the run!
From the breast cancer marathon to the walk for Autism! There are many races or marathons that you can join. The benefits? You’re getting a workout and giving back to the community at the same time. It’s a win and win situation! You can burn about 100 calories in a mile of running so go get your running on!
3. Enjoy Nature!
Who doesn’t like being surrounded by nature?? I know I do! Have you ever gone hiking? No? Well it’s never too late to try it out! Even if you don’t like bugs or too much sun, there are lots of parks that have paved trails that you can walk/run on. You could even host a hiking event for your family and friends. Good memories and you’d be doing your body a great service. The amount of calories you’d burn while hiking depend on your body type but for example: a person who weighs 160 lb would burn between 430-440 calories per hour.
These are a few ways you can stay fit without going to the gym. If you feel that you’re not good at sticking to your fitness routine don’t stress about it because as I said, there are tons of ways you can stay fit without getting caught up in the same old same old.

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