First Attempt Making Rice Crispy Treats

Lately, I have been craving rice crispy treats. I went food shopping the other day, I knew I had to grab the ingredients to make it. Come to find out that I only needed 3 ingredients!! 3 ingredients!! It’s so crazy how companies nowadays feel the need to put all crazy kind of scrap in our foods that they wouldn’t even feed to their pets.


See!! artificial flavors and dairy!



Now this recipe is crazy good, vegan and child approved!



So for this recipe! You will only need: Organic Vegan Butter (you can use coconut oil instead of butter), Vegan Marshmallows and of course rice crispy cereal.


It’s so hard to find marshmallows that do not contain pork in them. So I was really glad to find this vegan option.


So I got this from Trader Joes and it contains   very simple ingredients.


I bought this from Wegmans!


Furthermore, I melted 3 tablespoons of butter into a pot, then I added a couple of the marshmallows from the bag and then I allowed it sit for a least 5 minutes. I then added the rice crispy cereal and mixed everything together for 5-10 minutes, until I felt that it was ready. Don’t allow it to sit too long because you might burn some of the sides and of course we don’t want that!



I then put the whole thing into a rectangle pan so it can cool down for me to cut it into squares!




To tell you the truth it was pretty good! It taste better when they have cooled down for a couple of hours!!



Told you it was child approved!


If you haven’t tried this recipe before, make sure to do so and tell me what you think or how yours came out!



Until next time!



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