Born and raised as a Muslim in Brooklyn, New York. Medina has a love and admiration for foreign cultures. She appreciates the diversity amongst people and, outside of blogging, school and traveling, she enjoys spending her time with family and friends.

During Medina young years, she had suffered from severe eczema that covered her whole body and caused many infections; along with suffering from severe eczema, she also suffered from depression and low self-esteem at just 14 years old. Medina was determined to change her situation, so she began to educate herself about healing the body naturally. She started to change her diet to help improve her condition and started to workout to help build her self-esteem. Within 6-9 months, Medina had already cured and cleared her skin up, just by changing her diet and staying positive.

Medina had a strong entrepreneurial mindset from an early age. By the age of 15, she had already started selling products through eBay. From there on, she established her own women’s dance fitness class at the age of 16, then followed it with an online personal training business at 17, and by the age of 19, she already had her own Health and Fitness blog (dinafitness.com) and at 20 years `old, she started her own fitness boot camp classes; Along with her articles being posted on many blogs and websites. Therefore, She plans on publishing her own book October of 2017!

Dinafitness.com is not just a blog about health and fitness, it’s a lifestyle, a place where people can come to seek inspiration. Dinafitness.com is about health mentally, spiritually, and physically. It’s about travel, dreams, and reaching and achieving goals for inner happiness