5 Health Benefits of fasting!



Fasting is much more than a cleanse for our soul; it has amazing health benefits. There are many health benefits to fasting that I recently found out about and some benefits that some might not know about. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing 5 health benefits of fasting!

Let’s go!





2. Helps with weight loss:

When fasting, most of us tend to eat fewer calories than usual. For many people these consumed calories aren’t enough to support all the energy needs of the body. So in order to compensate, our bodies breakdown stored fat and use it as a source of energy, which leads to a loss of weight.





3. Helps detox the body: 

During fasting, much of the body’s energy normally dedicated to digesting food is of no use. Instead, this energy is transferred to the immune system, which gives it a boost and allows it to attack free radicals and ailments that may have been affecting our health for years.



4. Helps speed up your metabolism: 

When you are fasting, you are giving your digestive system a rest which helps your metabolism to burn through calories more efficiently. When you have poor digestion, it can effect your body ability to break down food and burn fat.




5. Fasting can help prevent acne: 

When fasting, your body is freed from using energy to digest food that it has more energy to focus on regenerating parts of the body organs; such as the kidney,liver and of course the skin!! 🙂


Of course along with fasting, you have incorprate a well balanced diet. Even after Ramadan or even if you don’t celebrate Ramadan, fasting can be a great thing to incorporate in your daily life!


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